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Liberty Comprehensive Planning Process

The Town of Liberty, with assistance from the Sullivan County Division of Planning, is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in the year 2000.  This page is meant to serve as a means of distributing information to the Town's citizens as the process unfolds.

The following individuals are members of the Liberty Comprhensive Planning Committee, which is responsible for collecting information and turning that information into tangible goals and strategies to be included in the final plan.




Frank DeMayo Town of Liberty Supervisor
Lynn Dowe  Town Planning Board Member
Cora Edwards Town of Liberty Resident
Dean Ferrand Town of Liberty Resident
Lynn Killian

Town Board Member
Tom Sprague

Chairman of the Town of Liberty Zoning Board of Appeals; Village of Liberty Trustee
Heinrich Strauch Liberty CDC
 Mark VanEtten Code Enforcement Officer, Town of Liberty

Updated Draft of the Town of Liberty Comprehensive Plan 2007 now available!

Public Meeting 8-24-06 (Appendix A)

Meeting Summary 8-24-06

PowerPoint Presentation 8-24-06

Public Meeting 9-28-06 (Appendix B)

 Goals  Projects  Maps
 Group Goals  Group Projects  Map 1
 Individual Goals  Individual Projects  Map 2



 Map 3

Liberty Comprehensive Plan 2000 (Appendix G)

To view the main text of the 2000 Liberty Comprehensive Plan, click here.

To view the appendices of the 2000 Liberty Comprehensive Plan, click here.

Additional Appendices for the Liberty Comprehensive Plan 2007:

Liberty Community Survey (Appendix C):

Community Survey

Survey Results

Survey Open Ended Responses

Liberty Youth Survey (Appendix D):

Youth Survey

Youth Survey Results

Youth Survey Open Ended Responses

Liberty Youth Meeting (Appendix E)

Liberty General Demographic Summary (Appendix F):

"Frank's Guide to Town Government" (Appendix H)

Town of Liberty Existing Zoning (Appendix I)

Please note that the Village of Liberty is currently in the process of updating their zoning.  The zoning map will be posted on this site when it becomes available.

Liberty Recommended Zoning (Appendix J)

Liberty Recommended Schedule of District Regulations (Appendix K)