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Revolving Loan Funds

Sullivan County Revolving Loan Fund

The Sullivan County Revolving Loan Funds provide seed capital and early stage loans to eligible entrepreneurial companies who want to establish or expand within the county. Special consideration shall be given to assisting businesses owned and operated by persons of low-to moderate-income, as required by the specific program.

The Sullivan County Division of Planning, Community Development and Environmental Management administers four different revolving loan program funds that assist entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand businesses: Agri-Business Loan Program; Agri-Business Micro-Enterprise Loan Program; Main Street Business Loan Program; Main Street Micro-Enterprise Loan Program. Loans range from up to $10,000 to up to $100,000 depending on various criteria including the percentage of owner equity involved, the number of jobs created, and location of business. Rates for all loans are set at 1% below the prime interest rate, with a base minimum of 2% and a maximum of 6%. Terms are generally set at up to ten (10) years and are commensurate with items being financed. Applicants must hold at least a 20% share in the businesses and must sign a personal guarantee for the repayment of the loan. A non-refundable application processing fee of $50 applies to all applicants and a closing fee of $100 is required for all approved loans. For additional information on these loan programs please contact us at 845-807-0527.

If you are interested in any of the above programs:

Click here to email our loan administrator

Please email information about the type of funding you are interested in to help us to

determine which programs you may be eligible for.