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Broadband Local Development Corporation

The Sullivan Broadband Local Development Corporation (LDC) has been established by the Sullivan County Legislature to oversee the implementation of the County's Wireless Broadband Access Project, with a goal of providing wireless broadband service Countywide.

Agendas, minutes and other relevant documents will be posted on this page.

Meetings are open to the public.

Mission Statement

Sullivan Broadband Local Development Corporation (LDC) is a local development corporation created pursuant to the not-for-profit corporation law of the State of New York. The Corporation shall seek to improve access to high-speed broadband internet service to residents, businesses, not-for-profits, and other community members in Sullivan County, NY (“end users”). Through this expanded access, it is the intent of the Corporation to improve the quality of life for the Sullivan County community. The Corporation shall engage strategic partners and establish the necessary relationships to secure access to a broadband signal, and to subsequently market the signal at an affordable rate to prospective end users.



Agendas are posted as they become available. If a particular date is not clickable, that agenda has not yet been posted.


Board of Directors and Committees

  • Chairman – Michael Brooks

  • Vice Chairman – Richard Baum

  • Treasurer – Lorne Green

  • Secretary – Lorne Green

  • Director - Jonathan Schiller

  • Director - Robert Dufour

  • Director - Steve Melendez

  • Independent Director - Vacant


Audit and Finance Committee:

Lorne Green, Jonathan Schiller


Governance Committee:

Robert Dufour, Michael Brooks, Richard Baum


FOIL Officer:

Lorne Green


Contracting Officer:

Lorne Green


Sullivan Broadband LDC 2022 Recommended Budget

Sullivan Broadband LDC 2021 Budget

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