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2020 Standing Committees

2020 Committees

Economic Development Committee
Rob Doherty (Chair) | Ira Steingart (Vice-Chair)
Joe Perrello | George Conklin | Mike Brooks

Executive Committee
Rob Doherty (Chair) | Mike Brooks (Vice-Chair)
Nadia Rajsz | Nick Salomone | George Conklin | Luis Alvarez
Joe Perrello | Ira Steingart | Alan Sorensen

Government Services Committee
Mike Brooks (Chair) | Alan Sorensen (Vice-Chair)
Rob Doherty | Ira Steingart | Nick Salomone

Health & Family Services Committee
Nadia Rajsz (Chair) | Luis Alvarez (Vice-Chair)
Nick Salomone | Mike Brooks | Alan Sorensen

Management & Budget Committee
George Conklin (Chair) | Nadia Rajsz (Vice-Chair)
Rob Doherty | Joe Perrello | Mike Brooks

Human Resources Committee
Alan Sorensen (Chair) | Luis Alvarez (Vice-Chair)
Nadia Rajsz | Rob Doherty | George Conklin

Planning, Community Development, Real Property, Capital Planning & Budgeting Committee
Ira Steingart (Chair) | Mike Brooks (Vice-Chair)
Rob Doherty | Nadia Rajsz | George Conklin

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Committee
Nick Salomone (Chair) | Ira Steingart (Vice-Chair)
Rob Doherty | Mike Brooks | Alan Sorensen

Public Works Committee
Joe Perrello (Chair) | Mike Brooks (Vice-Chair)
Rob Doherty | George Conklin | Nick Salomone | Ira Steingart
Alan Sorensen

Parks, Agriculture and Sustainability Policy Committee
Luis Alvarez (Chair) | Nadia Rajsz (Vice-Chair)
Alan Sorensen | Ira Steingart | Nick Salomone

Veterans Committee
George Conklin (Chair) | Nadia Rajsz (Vice-Chair)
Nick Salomone | Luis Alvarez | Ira Steingart

Last Updated: 3/23/2020