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Disability Services

20% of Americans live with at least one disability

35% of working-age people with disabilities are employed

15% of people worldwide live with disabilities


Scott Curry
DEI Resource Coordinator

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Social Security's Ticket to Work Program supports career development for Social Security disability beneficiaries ages 18 through 64 who want to work. The Ticket to Work Program is free, voluntary, and helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence.


Why Choose Work? Why Hire Those with Disabilities?
  • Increased income
  • Independence
  • Meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Less turnover - people with disabilities tend to research the company and the position to find a good fit
  • More diversity - expands the company culture
  • It's Required - if you are a Federal Contractor
  • An untapped pool of applicants - qualified individuals ready to return to work!

If you are ready to go to work, there are people ready and waiting to help you!

The career development services and support you need are unique to you. The Ticket to Work Program can connect you with the right mix of free employment support services and approved service providers that best fit your needs.

The Ticket to Work Program and other Work Incentives allow you to keep your benefits while you explore employment, receive vocational rehabilitation services and gain work experience. 



The Center for Workforce Development is a NYESS provider.




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