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Child Care Subsidy Program

Child Care Subsidy - These three programs assist income-eligible parents with child care costs.

  • Transitional Child Care is a support subsidy for those leaving Temporary Assistance due to new employment or increased income. The recipient receives a day care subsidy allowance  per child in daycare (regardless of income) for a period of twelve months.

  • Child Care & Development Block Grant Program provides child care subsidies for the working poor whose income is up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. 

  • Title XX provides childcare for ill or incapacitated parents whose income is between 225% and 275% of the Federal poverty level. 

These programs are reimbursed by the state and federal government to the county at 100%  and make childcare subsidies available not only for employment-related reasons, but also for child protection purposes. These programs pay up to the fair market daycare rate for Sullivan County per child (for day care provided by a registered day care provider or informal daycare provider.)

To apply for assistance, contact the TOP office in Monticello:   845-796-7272