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Notary Public: Information Guide

Notary Public: Information Guide   

  1. Am I eligible to become a Notary Public?
    To qualify to become a Notary Public you must be at least 18 years of age, U.S. citizen, a resident of New York State (or work for a business which is located in New York State), and have no felony convictions.
  2. How do I apply?
    An application packet is available at the Sullivan County Clerk's Office, which contains the following: application form, schedule of exam dates, times, and locations, and a notary study guide. The exam is given on a "walk-in" basis. The test fee is $15.00, payable by check or money order, to the NYS Department of State. Approximately 10 days after taking the test, you will be notified by mail if you passed or failed. If you have passed, you will be sent a "pass notice".
    At that time, send your "pass notice", along with your motorized application form, and a check for $60.00 payable to the NYS Department of State.
  3. What if I fail the test?
    You may retake the test as many times as you like. Each time you take the test, you must pay the $15.00 fee.
  4. When can I begin Notarizing Documents?
    Once you receive the "Notary Public Identification Card" from the NYS Department of State, you can order your notary stamp from the stationary store, and begin notarizing documents. At this time, the Department of State will send your "Oath Card" to the Sullivan County Clerk's Office. Your "Oath Card" will be kept on file in the Clerk's Office, and will serve to verify your signature and also that you are a qualified notary.
  5. What if my business or residence address changes within New York State to a County other than Sullivan County?
    You must notify the NYS Department of State and the Sullivan County Clerk's Office in writing. You must also notify the County that you are now residing or conducting business in.
  6. What if my business and residential address are moved to out of New York State?
    Your New York State Commission is no longer valid.
  7. How do I renew my Notary Public Commission which is about to expire?
    You will be mailed a renewal application approximately 3 months before the expiration of your current commission. You should immediately remit a check or money order in the amount of $60.00 to the Sullivan County Clerk along with the Oath of Office and Signature Card. The commission is for a 4 year term. If you do not receive the renewal due to a change of address, call the County Clerk's office prior to your expiration.

    Please Note:
    Oath of Office card must be signed (using complete name) and notarized.
    You must answer Question No. 1 on the bottom section. If the answer is yes, provide details. This section must be signed and dated.
    Make note of your new expiration date.

    Your Oath of Office and Signature Card will be processed and filed at the County Clerk's Office and the processed application will be forwarded to the NYS Department of State for issuance of your Notary Identification Card. For renewals, continue to notarize documents once your check, Oath of Office and Signature Card have been received. Begin using your new date of expiration. If you do not receive your Notary Identification Card within 3 months, contact the New York State Department of Sate at (518) 474-4429.
  8. What if someone needs to verify my Commission for a document I have notarized?
    Bring the document to the Sullivan County Clerk's Office. If your commission is valid, We will verify your signature and your commissioners validity for a $3.00 fee.
  9. What is the address and phone number of the NYS Department of State, Division of Licensing Services?
    84 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY 12208-3496
    (518) 474-4429

Notary Public

Certificate of Authentication - $3.00
Issue Certificate of Official Character Card - $5.00
File Character Card - $10.00
Renewals - $60.00