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Fee Schedule

Land Records

Fees are subject to change without notice

Basic Recording Fee $45.00(includes cover sheet) plus $5.00 per page of document

Additional Recording Fee

$10.00 residential
Assignment of Mortgage recording fee plus $.50 notation fee
$3.50 for each additional mortgage on same document
Discharge or
Satisfaction of Mortgage
recording fee plus $.50 notation fee
$25.50 for each additional mortgage on same document
Partial Release of
Mortgaged Premises
recording fee plus $.50 notation fee
$3.50 for each additional mortgage on same document
TP584 $5.00
RP 5217 $125.00 residential
$250.00 commercial
Real Property Transfer Report RP-5217 Notice view informational flier and get the form directly from NY State tax page:
Mortgage Tax for
Sullivan County
1%, no $25.00 deduction

Affidavit (exemption of all
or portion of mortgage tax)
$5.00 need original & copy
Transfer Tax $4.00 per thousand


Maps $10 per mylar (required filing is one mylar plus 2 paper copies)
Building Loan Agreement $25.00
Mechanic's Lien Notice of Lending Unpaid Common Charges $15.00
Affidavit of Service of Mechanic's Lien $5.00
Transcript of Judgment $10.00 (no fee for amended transcript)
Default Judgment $45.00
Index Number $210.00
Foreclosure Action $400.00
Lis Pendens $35.00
R.J.I $95.00 (need original & 3 copies)
Note of Issue $30.00 (need original & 3 copies)
Jury Demand $65.00
Motion/Cross Motion $45.00 (anything going before a Judge for signature)
Stipulation of Discontinuance/Settlement  $35.00
Notice of Appeal $65.00 (need original & copy - informational statement)
Small Claims Petition (SCAR) $30.00
Separation Agreement $5.00
Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage $5.00
Certified Copy of Divorce $6.20
Business Certificate Amend Bus.Certificate $31.70 (form available for $1.00)
Religious Non-profit Organization $25.00 (main place of worship must be in Sullivan County)
Military Discharge Certificates No fee for filing or certified copies

Services Provided

Certification of document on file $5.20 (includes first 8 pages) $.65 (for each additional page of the document)
Certification of No Exception $5.00
Certification of Compliance $5.00
Certificate of Divorce $5.00
Issue Transcript of Judgment/Certificate of Disposition $5.00
Income Execution Fee $5.00
Bank Execution  $7.00
Exemplified Judgment $10.00
Lookup Fee $20.00 (limit of 2 requests)

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Financing Statements

Original UCC-1, Continuation, Assignment, Termination, Amendment $40.00
Information Request $25.00 with filing number, $40.00 search

Notary Public

Certificate of Authentication $3.00
Issue Certificate of
Official Character Card
File Character Card $10.00
Renewals $60.00

Pistol Permits

Application  $5.00
Submission of Application $10.00
  Must supply 2 copies of all supporting documents. Copies made by County personnel will be charged at $.50/copy.
Dealer or Gunsmith Renewal $15.00
Dealer and Gunsmith Renewal $30.00
Amendment $5.00
Additional Cards $1.00
Duplicate Plastic Card $5.00
Change from green license to Plastic Card  $10.00
Appointments Required

Copy Fees

Copy made by individual $.50 per page
Copy made by County $1.25 per page
Map copy $10.00 per map
UCC copy $1.50 per page
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