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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The purpose of this Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) is to effectively reduce future disaster damages, public expenditure, private losses, and community vulnerability to natural, technological, and man-made hazards. This plan provides an opportunity for Sullivan County, in conjunction with the communities included in the County, to develop a comprehensive multi-jurisdictional risk assessment and to outline proposed mitigation actions that would minimize the costs and impacts of future disasters.

 Hazard Mitigation Plan- Updated 2021

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

The County and all of its local municipalities have Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans. The plans set forth the basic requirements for managing emergencies for the affected jurisdictions. The plan provides general all-hazards management guidance, using existing organizations, to allow the municipalities to meet its responsibilities before, during and after an emergency. To see a copy of the County Plan or your local municipalities, please click here.


Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - October 2012

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