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Sunset Lake LDC Delivers Recommendations to Legislature

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Monticello, NY – The Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation (LDC) Board today sent the Sullivan County Legislature a list of three recommended companies to operate the Care Center at Sunset Lake (the Sullivan County Adult Care Center) and the Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), both based in Liberty.

By unanimous vote on Monday, the five-member LDC Board has recommended the following three firms, listed in no particular order:

  • Infinite Care Management, headquartered in Brooklyn and operator of 18 nursing facilities in New York State and Florida,
  • VestraCare/The McGuire Group/Absolut, headquartered in Buffalo and operator of 19 nursing facilities in New York State and Michigan,
  • The Grand Healthcare System, headquartered in Valley Stream and operator of 17 nursing facilities in New York State,

“The LDC has undertaken the appropriate due diligence in reviewing the six responses received to our request for proposals, researching the backgrounds of the applicants and the care provided by their facilities, and meeting personally with the four finalists to question them directly, ultimately selecting three firms for the Legislature to interview,” Board Chairman Lowell Feldman noted. “I thank my fellow board members for the time and care they’ve devoted to this important effort.”

“After meeting and interviewing four potential management groups, we came to an agreement for the three candidates we felt would suit the needs of the County and the affected employees and residents,” explained board member Nadia Rajsz, the District 2 Legislator who chairs the Legislature’s Health & Family Services Committee. “After presenting these recommendations to my fellow legislators, we will continue our discussions to reach consensus on the management group that will best serve the people of Sullivan County.”

“The LDC worked diligently, thoroughly researching those we recommended,” affirmed board member Albee Bockman. “I am pleased with the process thus far and am honored to work alongside a very fine group of professionals. I have no doubt the Care Center will be managed professionally and will offer the utmost in care to our residents.”

Added Board Vice Chair William Chellis, “I’m hopeful that as we move forward in this process, both the Legislature and the people of Sullivan County will be confident that the Care Center has a bright future.”

“The LDC Board recognized at the very beginning of its work that the Care Center and CHHA are vital resources in Sullivan County, and we intend for them to remain that way,” board member Michelle Huck stated. “Our recommendations to the Legislature reflect our belief that any of these candidates could provide a high level of care for anyone who needs the short-term and/or long-term services available through the Care Center.”

The LDC will continue to vet the operations of these companies via personal visits in the weeks to come, and the Legislature will be scheduling public presentations from all three in the near future. Once the Legislature chooses an operator, the LDC will enter into contract negotiations with the chosen firm. It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure the Care Center and CHHA remain in operation.

About the LDC

The Sunset Lake LDC is a nonprofit corporation created by the Sullivan County Legislature in 2020 to handle the leasing of the Care Center at Sunset Lake and the operation of the Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), subject to approval by the Legislature. Overseen by a five-member board, the LDC currently owns the Care Center and associated property. Its mandate from the Legislature is to recommend three potential operators of the Care Center and CHHA, based (in no particular order) on price, experience with the operation of long- and short-term care facilities, demonstrated quality of care in those facilities, and plans to sustain and enhance these services.

About the Care Center

The Care Center at Sunset Lake, formally known as the Sullivan County Adult Care Center, is a 146-bed, 24/7 facility located on Sunset Lake Road in Liberty. Operated by the County of Sullivan since 1990, the Care Center’s approximately 150 employees offer long-term nursing care and short-term rehabilitation services.

About the Certified Home Health Agency

The Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), operated through Sullivan County Public Health Services, provides a range of medical, social, assistive and other services in an individual’s home when a person needs follow?up care after a hospital visit or requires long-term care. These services are provided by nurses, therapists, home health aides and other direct?care staff under the direction of a physician’s order. The focus includes prevention, recuperation, and/or an alternative to higher?cost institutional care that would otherwise be provided in a hospital or nursing facility.