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Legislature Approves County Reorganization That Will Save Over $1.2M

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County legislators today approved County Manager Josh Potosek’s proposed restructuring of County government.

“Coronavirus has instituted a harsh reality: we are losing millions of dollars in revenue every month,” Legislature Chairman Robert Doherty stated. “The only responsible option is to seek cost savings wherever and whenever we can, and this reorganization – plus a range of expense reductions – will save County taxpayers more than $1.2 million (net) every year.”

“I worked very hard to avoid deep program and personnel cuts in this proposal, and I’m grateful the Legislature recognized that through its approval,” Potosek remarked. “We have to seek operational efficiencies like never before, providing services with far less resources.”

In the days and weeks ahead, the restructuring plan will:

  • Put the Real Property Tax Services Department under the Office of the County Treasurer
    • Transfer the GIS Coordinator position to the Division of Information Technology Services (ITS)
      • Saves nearly $313,000
  • Put the Risk Management Department and the Human Rights Commission Executive Director position under the Division of Human Resources
    • The Human Rights Commission is being reorganized under a separate local law next month, and until its structure is settled, the Executive Director position will remain vacant
      • Saves nearly $426,000
  • Abolish the Division of Management & Budget
    • Transfer Payroll Coordinator/Software Support Tech to Division of ITS as Client Support Tech II
    • Shift Payroll Clerks to newly formed Office of Budget
    • Move Purchasing Department under County Manager’s Office
      • Saves more than $172,000
  • Abolish full-time Deputy County Manager position
    • Deputy County Manager will become statutorily-required Social Services Commissioner
    • Deputy County Manager position will continue to have reduced duties
      • Saves nearly $122,000

The County has also identified approximately $400,000 in savings unrelated to the restructuring. For example, trainings and conferences that require travel are cancelled for the time being, and some training is being done online at no cost to participants. Contracts for psychological services, resident assistant services, summer camp transportation, afterschool programs and more have been reduced, and the Center for Workforce Development is realigning its funding to maximize State and Federal reimbursements. Additionally, the Department of Family Services has realigned certain funding streams, and veterans outreach (marketing and home visits, for example) has been reduced, along with mileage, uniforms, training and supplies for the Bureau of EMS.

Also, management staff making over $100,000 a year will see a mandatory 4% pay cut through the end of 2020, with the County Manager taking an 8% cut. Staff making less than $100,000 annually can volunteer to take a 4% pay cut as well. The salary reductions will save at least $50,000, and every elected County official – including all nine legislators – is voluntarily taking the pay cut.

“Lean times require lean operations,” explained Potosek, “and taxpayers should anticipate further cost-saving measures in the weeks to come.”