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Legislators Choose Infinite Care to Manage Care Center Operations

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Monticello, NY – A majority of Sullivan County legislators today picked Infinite Care Management, a Brooklyn-based operator of 18 nursing facilities in New York State and Florida, to operate the Care Center at Sunset Lake in Liberty, pending negotiations with the Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation (LDC).

Infinite Care was one of three finalists for the lease, as recommended to the Legislature by the five-member LDC Board. The other two were The Grand Healthcare System of Valley Stream and VestraCare/The McGuire Group/Absolut of Buffalo.

Infinite Care was the top choice for 7 of the 9 legislators, with District 5’s George Conklin and District 6’s Luis Alvarez choosing VestraCare as their first choice – though Infinite Care was both of their second choices.

“We acted as taxpayers, employees and residents of our Care Center expected us to act: in their best interests,” said Robert A. Doherty, chairman of the Legislature. “We have achieved all three of my stated goals: improving the care, protecting the taxpayers and making sure our employees remain our employees. Nothing less will do, and I thank the LDC for being a partner in this important initiative.”

“It was a long, hard struggle to get to this point, but I truly believe we’re making the best decision we can,” stated District 2 Legislator Nadia Rajsz, chair of the Legislature’s Health & Family Services Committee. “I want the employees of the Care Center and the residents of Sullivan County to know that this is just one step in the procees, and I will continue to advocate for and safeguard their interests as we move forward. Our aim is to improve the Care Center, and I am intent on making sure that is exactly what we do.”

“I firmly believe that today’s vote was a huge positive for all of Sullivan County, including our employees,” remarked District 3 Legislator and Vice Chair Michael Brooks. “Everyone should be excited about the improved future of the Care Center.”

“I have been impressed with the dedication of this LDC,” affirmed District 4 Legislator Nicholas Salomone Jr. “Today’s vote shows democracy in action, and I’m proud to say we have made a decision that will save taxpayers money and preserve jobs.”

“We were fortunate to be able to choose among three potential operators, any of whom could have done the job well,” District 5 Legislator George Conklin said. “I also thank the LDC Board for their incredible work and due diligence, which helped us make a smart decision.”

“This is going to work,” anticipated District 6 Legislator Luis Alvarez. “Importantly, we will take care of our employees, whom I’m very proud of, especially for their dedication during COVID-19.”

“I visited two facilities of each potential operator, so that I could be confident in our own due diligence,” explained District 7 Legislator Joe Perrello. “Infinite Care has a good working group of professionals who will ensure a family-oriented, top-performing Care Center. Their aggressively progressive approach should show a quick improvement in our nursing home, especially in offering new physical rehabilitation services.”

“I had concerns at the start of this process, but after our due diligence, I am confident we selected someone who will help improve the care we offer and protect our employees,” acknowledged District 8 Legislator Ira Steingart.

“I think this is an important step forward in enhancing the quality of care at the Care Center, and I thank the LDC Board for helping us reach an informed decision,” District 9 Legislator Alan Sorensen stated.

The Legislature will shortly direct the LDC to begin lease negotiations with Infinite Care, which will include the provision that all current County employees remain County employees. LDC Board Chair Lowell Feldman anticipates talks could begin next week.

“The Legislature made a very wise and thoughtful decision, based on a great deal of investigation and research,” Feldman explained. “They realized this is the right decision for the Care Center’s future and for the people of Sullivan County, and I’m grateful for their time and effort, and the dedication of the LDC members who have volunteered their time and opinions.”

Today’s decision did not include the Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), as the Legislature continues to consider its options with the CHHA.