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County, LDC Ink Care Center Agreement with Infinite Care

Care Center at Sunset Lake

Liberty, NY – The Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation (LDC), Sullivan County and Infinite Care Management formally signed an agreement this week to operate the Care Center at Sunset Lake in Liberty to Infinite Care for the next 20 years, renewable if the parties agree.

“This was a complicated endeavor but a worthwhile one,” affirmed LDC Board Chairman Lowell Feldman. “I am pleased to predict that the future for the Care Center, and for the people of Sullivan County, looks very bright.”

“Infinite Care is excited for the opportunity to join the Sullivan County family in providing excellent care for its senior community,” says Sol Klein, principal of Infinite Care. “We appreciate the trust the county has placed in us, and we are looking forward to further earning that trust as we move forward.”

Renewable by either party, the agreement guarantees that Infinite Care will invest $3 million in the Care Center within the first three years of operation, followed by an $800,000 annual fee paid to the LDC thereafter. Per its charter, the LDC will remit those funds to the County.

“This agreement promises to improve the services rendered to those who depend on the Care Center and relieve taxpayers of having to cover a shortfall every year,” observed Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty.

Klein noted that “Infinite Care’s vision is to strengthen the entire community by partnering with them to preserve and promote job opportunities and quality of life for staff and residents.”

“Residents of Sullivan County,” he said, “can be confident that Infinite Care has the means and the desire to do right by this precious population.”

“As both a legislator and member of the LDC Board, my goal in this process has been to give people what we owe them: excellent care delivered compassionately and competently,” said District 2 Legislator Nadia Rajsz, who also chairs the Legislature’s Health & Family Services Committee. “This is what Infinite Care has promised, and this agreement holds them to that guarantee. I look forward to the improvements they’ll bring to the Care Center.”

Infinite Care plans to rebrand the Care Center in the near future and will make further announcements as updates occur. Sullivan County will remain the employer of record, with workers receiving County benefits.

About the LDC

The Sunset Lake LDC is a nonprofit corporation created by the Sullivan County Legislature in 2020 to handle the leasing of the Care Center at Sunset Lake, subject to approval by the Legislature. Overseen by a five-member board, the LDC currently owns the Care Center and associated property. Its mandate from the Legislature was to recommend potential operators of the Care Center, based (in no particular order) on price, experience with the operation of long- and short-term care facilities, demonstrated quality of care in those facilities, and plans to sustain and enhance these services. It will continue to exist as the property owner.

About the Care Center

The Care Center at Sunset Lake, formally known as the Sullivan County Adult Care Center, is a 146-bed, 24/7 facility located on Sunset Lake Road in Liberty. Operated by the County of Sullivan since 1990, the Care Center’s approximately 150 employees offer long-term nursing care and short-term rehabilitation services.

About Infinite Care Management

Infinite Care Management LLC (ICM) is an experienced and responsible skilled nursing company with a proven track record of success in the maintenance and improvement of senior care facilities in New York and Florida. ICM prides itself on being good neighbors and community partners in all its communities. Our record of improving the quality of life of our residents while improving the bottom-line performance of our facilities, is verifiable, and our residents are always our primary focus.