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Medical Aid To The Disabled

Programs to help the Disabled

Aid to Disabled -  This program provides for the collection and evaluation of medical and vocational reports in a manner that can document the applicant's disability and the expected duration of the impairment, preventing work.    The assembled documentation is submitted to the Disability Review Team at  the Department of Health for determination of disability.

In some cases, single Medical Assistance applicants cannot become eligible for Medicaid unless they are determined to be disabled due to income limits. This  program enables the county to recover costs for the medical care of Temporary Assistance and/or Medical Assistance recipients.

Working Disabled

This program offers an opportunity for disabled individuals to buy Medicaid health coverage.  To qualify, consumers must be:

  • Certified disabled by the Social Security Administration or by the State or County Medical Review team, live in New York State, and

  • Be between age 16 and 65, and

  • be a U.S. citizen or have satisfactory immigration status, and 

  • Individuals must work in a paid position for which all applicable income and payroll taxes are paid and meet the income and resource guidelines. 

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